ASMI: Trade Mission to HCMC

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is embarking on a trade mission to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to promote the quality and sustainability of Alaska seafood to potential buyers and distributors in the region.

Vietnam is a growing market for seafood and presents an exciting opportunity for Alaska seafood producers to expand their reach and increase their exports. During the trade mission, ASMI representatives will meet with Vietnamese seafood importers and distributors to showcase Alaska seafood products, including wild-caught salmon, crab, and halibut.

ASMI is committed to promoting sustainable seafood practices and ensuring the long-term health of Alaska’s fisheries. The organization works with fishermen, processors, and retailers to ensure that Alaska seafood is responsibly harvested and processed to meet high quality and safety standards.

By participating in this trade mission, ASMI hopes to strengthen relationships with existing customers in Vietnam and establish new partnerships to further expand the distribution of Alaska seafood products in the region. ASMI’s trade mission to Ho Chi Minh City represents a significant step in the organization’s efforts to promote sustainable and high-quality Alaska seafood around the world.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

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